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Tips for undergoing pregnancy while caring for a toddler

Caring for children under five during pregnancy may be able to make some Mother hassles. But in the right way, Mother can still care for the Eldest who is still under five, while undergoing a healthy pregnancy. Although it tends to be tiring, taking care of a child during pregnancy can be a valuable experience to be proud of. In addition, Mother can use the time with Si Eldest to prepare her as a potential sister. Of course, you still have to maintain health during pregnancy. Tips on Caring for a Toddler when Pregnant In order to be able to continue caring for your toddler while pregnant safely and comfortably, there are a few things you need to pay attention to, namely: 1. Discuss with a partner Taking care of a toddler while pregnant might make Mother more busy than usual. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is discuss with your partner about the division of tasks in caring for children and doing household chores. That way, Mother can still have enough rest. 2. Train Y
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Pregnant woman, let's check the content of used cosmetic products

When pregnant, it does not mean not to be beautiful. But, looking for safe cosmetic products for pregnant women is not an easy matter. Well, pregnant women can listen to the following reviews regarding the content of cosmetic products that need to be avoided during pregnancy. The skin can absorb about 60% of the applied cosmetics, so it is important to recognize the ingredients in the product. Even products labeled "natural" or "organic" may contain ingredients that are harmful to the fetus. Identifying Materials to Avoid If previously Bumil always ignored the information on the contents of cosmetic products, from now on make it a habit to read it! List of product content is usually sorted from the most numerous or most active, to the smallest amount. One of the most frequent product ingredients found in cosmetics is parabens. The content which is commonly used as a cosmetic preservative is suspected to have a relationship with the developmental, reproductive

Bartholin Gland Disorders Cause Sexually Related Pain

Bartholin gland cysts can generally disappear by themselves. The size is small and painless. However, sometimes this disorder can cause more severe conditions, i.e. if Bartholin's cyst is infected and causes pain, so that sufferers have difficulty walking. The Bartholin gland is a pair of small organs under the folds of the vaginal lips, called the labia, in the female genital area. These glands play a role in releasing fluid to moisturize and lubricate the outside of the vagina. This fluid comes out of the Bartholin duct which is in the vaginal mouth. Beware of Causes of Bartholin Gland Disorders There are times when the Bartholin duct is blocked so that there is a buildup of fluid in the gland. This condition is called a Bartholin gland cyst. Meanwhile, Bartholin's gland abscess occurs when the gland or channel is infected. Bartholin's gland abscesses are generally caused by bacterial infections, swelling, the presence of thick mucus, or complications from sexually